The Bhrigu Samhita is based on the theory of karmas since the part is gone, present is known, only the future holds mystery. One of the banes of modern life is to doubt anything and everything that science is unable to explain but those who had the opportunity of listening to their scroll find it very amazing particularly the time mentioned for each individual when the person would approach to listen to his chart of karmas. Millions of horoscopes are indexed geographically by the names of riversides. Geographical regions transcend modern national boundaries. �Manu Desh� stands for present Europe Patal Desh for the USA �Yavan Prant� for middle east etc. people from all walks of life from far and wide, rich and poor have benefitted with the readings of this granth. Interestingly, horoscopes of foreigners do not mention the cast under which a person is born.


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