Bhrigu Samhita granth is undoubtedly uncomparable and unparallelled. This section is only applicable for those who have already registered themselves with Pt. Raghunandan Sharma(GURU Ji) for Bhrigu Samhita Granth Reading and their REG. NO. has been issued. Please take approval by calling at MOB. NOS. before proceeding for this section.

                 Due to repeated requests of the devotees from time-to-time, besides ongoing of the search work from the Bhrigu Samhita Granth which has to take its own course of time, people who are in immediate need of guidance and support to tackle an emergency situation, Pt. Raghunandan Sharma Ji has finally agreed upon giving his valuable guidance through tips, remedies and daily kriyas to tackle a stressful situtation and to improve the quality of life, based on his vast experience and best of his knowledge which a scholor, spiritual leader and teacher of such a stature has picked up since his childhood which has been under divine guidance itself.


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Ask your emergency question to GURU JI (Any One most important Question). Please be specific and explain in detail. Your each and every word would be kept as highly confidential.

Note: The question should be related to one horoscope (Kundli of one person) who is already registered.




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